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Welcome to the world of digital photography,

Dental digital photography is finally fast, easy to learn and reproduces wonderfully.

We would like to introduce you to our doctorseyes system, one that is simple and helps you produce great dental photos fast.

You know the situation: the patient is in the chair and you have to document their current status. Things should run smoothly and quickly but the pictures have to be perfect. Of course, their next visit has to be just as efficient. The process should be comfortable for the user and easy to learn so that everyone in your practice’s staff could take over the responsibility of taking the dental pictures.

Our idea is short and sweet:
We take a commercially available high-resolution digital camera and equip it with a special close-up optic. Next comes the most important part of the photography, namely the lighting, which has daylight quality, is free of shadows, and continuously points to exactly where it’s needed. Thanks to the demand for the development of ringlight systems, we have created our unique product, which for the first time gives you endless possibilities in intraoral photography just as in a photo studio. So far, no other ringlight or flash-based system could reproduce the light environments that can be achieved with our ringlight systems. That’s why we are the leading European provider for digital dental photography.

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t’s easy to create perfect dental photos with your digital camera:

No complicated adjustments are necessary. You do not need any kind of additional flash equipment to work with your camera. You simply turn on the ringlight system without the camera’s built-in flash and take pictures as if you were taking a photo under daylight conditions. In the camera’s display or viewfinder you can see beforehand how good your shot will be.

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