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doctorseyes Professional Ring Lights System
Power & Light Controller
ring- & wing lights
power & light controller
dental mirrors
chin support

Advantages of the new doctorseyes Power & Light Controller PLC-4

    • 30% increase in illumination power
    • Microprocessor-controlled illumination for constant, maximum brightness
    • 12 levels of brightness with ultrabright option for maximum depth of field
    • Different LED segments can be lit for controlled plasticity
    • Memory function for preferred lighting situations
    • Display providing overview of all ringlight functions and settings
    • Optional Winglights adaptable for better illumination during full smile shots
    • Optional realtooth concept to reproduce tooth surfaces most authentically
    • Microprocessor-controlled fast charge

power-and-light-controller-C-10005 Power und Lightcontroller PLC-C "compact", microprocessor controlled high performance battery pack with 2 levels for brightness control, designed for segmental control of ring lights, microprocessor controlled quick charging function

power-and-light-controller-4-10005 Power and Light controller PLC-4 "professional", microprocessor controlled high performance battery pack, including brightness control with 12 levels, ultra bright option, prepared for segmental control of ring- and wing lights, graphical LCD display with blue backlight, memory function for favourite light scenarios, microprocessor controlled quick charging function, prepared for Real Tooth system

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