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doctorseyes Professional Ring Lights System

Canon PowerShot G15

Canon PowerShot G15
ring- & wing lights
power & light controller
dental mirrors
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- Canon PowerShot G15 -
Canon Powershot G15
If you like a digital camera for dental photography, we recommend the Canon Powershot G15 the flagship from CANON in the compact class.

This model has a lot of advantages for dental photography:

  • For an optimal reproducibility of your shots you can store your zoom position and other adjustments for dental photography in a special dental program.
  • Depending of the type of image the camera extends to the correct zoom position. So with one switch you have everything down pat. This is very easy and speeds up your workflow.
  • Specially if you work with a patient the 7 cm crystal clear display and the built in image stabilizer make sense.
  • You can hold the camera comfortably and ergonomically correct while you have still direct contact to your patient. So you can find the best image section without looking through any viewfinder or hiding behind the camera.
The little weight is also an advantage for doctorseyes-System with Canon G15. Because it ’s easy to take pictures with one hand only, you have the other hand free for a retractor or mirror. Try this with a common DSLR solution. You have to be bodybuilder ;-)
Our new “Dental guide” will support you to find the exact reproducible zoom position. Also very helpful for smile shots or occlusal overviews is the shiftable image grid. It is also possible to fix the focal point, which is helpful if you want to focus one special tooth.
The Canon G15 is also a professional digital camera for private use. The Motion-Detection-Technology allows exact focusing, even with a is fast moving target.

A lot of helpful accessories for our doctorseyes system you find on


Koffer für Canon A659 Powershot
doctorseyes system case:

The doctorseyes system case was constructed to protect the camera already mounted on the doctorseyes system. This enables you to start taking pictures without having to mount anything. Mirrors can additionally be placed in the case for good protection.
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